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Regan Tam
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Regan Tam is the wife of Gabriel Tam, mother of Simon and River. She is dark-haired and dark-eyed, with friendly smiles over very practiced self-control.

Regan isn't a businesswoman, per se; she's on a few of the right committees, works as a consultant here and there, but mostly her job is to be Gabriel's wife. Don't make the mistake of minimizing this; Gabriel doesn't. She knows the Right People, is on the Right Committees, and has contributed enormously to his business success with a word in the right ear at the right time. Regan and Gabriel Tam are a partnership, and they both know it.

What's important to Regan is suŏyŏu de dōu shìdàng, all that's proper. The social position of her family, and keeping them all from scandal and career-threatening embarrassment. She will do anything to protect that -- to protect them all. The actions of one affect all the others, after all.

Anything. Including turning her husband in to the Alliance in order to avoid scandal.

She's not precisely aware of what happened to River -- and she doesn't want to know, really. It would disturb things, and she hates for that to happen. It's part of the reason that having River in the house was so ... unsettling for Regan Tam, who values appearances and occasionally wished for a daughter that she could better have understood. In a way, the Academy was a godsend for her -- River was happy, at a prestigious school and a credit to her family. And not underfoot, with her irrepressible genius that didn't quite fit society's boundaries. It made life easier.

And then Simon took a mad notion that River was in danger there, and turned it into an obsession. Now both of her children are gone, hunted fugitives out of contact and out of reach because of this insanity of Simon's, and Regan is left to pick up the pieces.

She doesn't know anything about what Gabriel's discovered. Yet.